Wednesday, June 06, 2012


Gotta love work that requires playing video games as research!  Thanks Mom & Dad for buying me that Nintendo when I was little -- it prepared me for my future ;o)

Look for this trailer to play in theaters starting Friday!  And if you head over to Disney's Wreck-It Ralph site, you can play the classic 1982 game that started it all:


Lynnette said...

Kira! It's Lynnette :) I have not known what has happened in your life since our group back at UW. I see you did become an animator! How wonderful!!How long have you been working with Disney? I am so curious about your life. You are such a beautiful woman, quick to laugh, full of faith and precious! I would love to hear how you are doing!

love, Lynnette

Kira Lehtomaki said...

Lynnette!!! So good to hear from you! If you see this...please send me an email at

Unknown said...

Hello Kira,

My 9th grader has been admiring you from afar because she too wants to be an animator for Disney. She is a talented artist but has realized she also needs to be skilled in designing software (such as Autodesk Maya). She will be joining a First Robotics Competition team because they have an animation sub-team that uses the Maya program to learn more. Anyways, she is very motivated and has lots of creative ideas. Can you give her some tips on colleges that you recommend, what did you major in, and any other programs she should think about being involved in? Thank you so much for your time! ~Ingrid

Kira Lehtomaki said...

Hi Ingrid,

Sorry for the delayed reply! Could you please contact me at this address?


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Unknown said...

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