Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The incomparable Alan Menken was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last Wednesday. Being the devoted Disney/Menken fan that I am, I *had* to attend of course!
Mr. Menken was kind enough to sign my sheet music from the TANGLED duet I See the Light, which I will be framing :o) Huge thanks to John Kahrs and the directors for letting me animate Rapunzel singing part of this song - my life is complete. Here's a video of the ceremony (including a Disney Legend guest speaker, Richard Sherman):

Also, a moment I have long awaited: the TANGLED Soundtrack is now available for download at Amazon for only $3.99! The score is gorgeous, and the songs are classic Menken. The soundtrack even includes some deleted and extended bits! So, buy it now, memorize it this week, and sing-a-long in the theater on November 24th. That's my plan.

And for a little more Menken, here's a link to a great interview:



michaelamos said...

Hey Kira!

Great to meet you today at Disney! Congrats again on working on what looks like will be an amazing film.
Really hope you can drop by my booth at CTN - it is T-57.

Speak soon!

John said...

Nice animation work there! But, do you know if the sheet music is or will be for sale? Want to play this on the guitar (and sing it of course :) )

Kira said...

Hi John -- I am sure there will eventually be a vocal selection book for Tangled, but I don't know what the release date is at the moment. I'll definitely be buying one too! :o)

John said...

Well, I guess that leaves me with some work to do when I get back home next weekend: Writing down all the lyrics, then playing along with my guitar to find out the proper chords :P

(and in the end I'll buy the book ;) )

Kira said...

I'll post here if I find it before Christmas!