Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Disney's 50th Animated Feature opens today in theaters. Take your friends and family to see it this Thanksgiving weekend!


Munchanka said...

Saw it, loved it, then saw it again. kudos!

michaelamos said...

Hey Kira!

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend and have eaten your weight in turkey! :)

I was able to see Tangled at the Disney Studio on Sunday night and just wanted to say congrats on doing such an amazing job on a fantastic film. The story, songs and animation are really top notch.

I think it is the first 3D film that has really captured the feeling and look of the classic 2D Disney fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty.

What blew me away the most though was the personality of Rapunzel and how she moved. She was not the normal girly princess or tomboy sassy type that has been used so much in animation recently. She moved and behaved like a real girl. She had her girly moments, but they felt natural (the shots of her in guilt were so funny) and she was competent and able to look after herself in the bar and with the frying pan without coming across sassy and too heavy on the attitude. Really amazing character to watch.

Seen it has done great in the box office too - so congrats again!

Speak soon!


Kira said...

Thanks for the support guys! I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving :o)

Chan Ghee Leow said...

Great film! Congrats on a job well done! Hope Disney continues to pick up from here :)

Teemu Erämaa said...


I saw Tangled tonight and also your name on the credits, gooogled you up and wanted to ask if you were born in Finland? :)

Also liked the film!
Some of the animation on the film was riveling with the old classics from Disney - was there any motion tracking involved? Some of the human movement was almost too realistic! :)
I think the horse character was greatly designed and rigged since it was such a lively cartoony piece of mass, constantly alive.

Must've been a great experience!

Nice to see some familiar names once in a while popping on the big screens, cheers!

Kira said...

Nope, not born in Finland. Unfortunately, 'Lehtomaki' is the only word I can say in Finnish (and my pronunciation needs work *hangs head in shame*).

As for the animation on Tangled, no motion tracking was used. It was all key frame animation. But, I won't deny that very embarrassing video reference exists of us animators acting out most of our shots :o)

Glen Keane and Jin Kim designed Maximus, the horse. When the first sketches and digital model were presented, we were all drooling and couldn't wait to animate him. And yes, we had such great rigs for this film. I personally didn't get to animate Max, but I'm in awe of what the other animators did.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and for your kind words!

Russ said...

I just wanted to say. I just stumbled upon Tangled a few weeks ago for the first time. I don't get to movies as much as I would like, and somehow totally missed it in theaters. I was blown away by the animation, story telling, pacing, music, and everything. I have since started to look up the animators, and people involved, and learned a lot about Glen Keane and Disney animation, I found your site. I just wanted to let you know, and commend you on your hard work. It was well worth it. There are still people (like me) who are probably stumbling upon this movie just now, and realize right away it's something special. Thank you!